Where there is a problem, there is a way to solve it. You just need to have a right approach to the right resources.

Support Inn Tech Solutions, is a group of experts in all technical verticals with a cutting edge technology. We render services across the globe to those who are looking Technical Help for Digital devices like Desktop & Laptop Computers, Hand held Phones & Tablets.....


Our Services

Giving more detailed view of our services, below are a few presentations for Technical Support vertical, and can be rendered on demand and requirements. Please choose any of the support options you are looking help for and get to us freely whenever you have an urge of technical chitchat. Validate XHTML and CSS.

Computer and Laptop Tech Support

Computer & Laptops

Computer systems have evolved at a very different shape over the period of time, and so as the technology and so as the technical problems. With every step further towards the growth, new issues keep emerging hand in hand and that's the face where you need us the most to make it a smooth technical ride when you are driving your computer.


Phone and Tablet Support

Phone & Tablet

There was a time when there was only one way of communication, just word of mouth. And then came in existence a small device for the whole family called landline phone, which got followed by normal mobile & cell phones and then became a generation of Smart phones in no time. This time not only for the whole family but for every individual. And with this evolution of phone generation, we started getting confusions and technical problems as well. But, no worries, as Support Inn has the solution for all problems, old or new.


On Call IT Support for Your Business

On call Tech Support

Technical problems can never come at a good time, which is why every business needs an IT expert on call to solve any issue that arises. Server crashes, software viruses, and any of the many other technical issues can deplete efficiency, slash productivity, and increase costs. If you want to find a reliable team of experts that are on call anytime day or night to tackle your technical problems and provide unmatched technical support, as well as anti virus protection, cloud computing, cloud storage, and outbound/inbound call services.


All Software Solutions at one place

Software Solutions

From Widows systems to Mac OS, every operating system or every software faces trouble at some point or the other. In situations, where you can not go forward with your digital devices, due to the technical dis-functioning, Support Inn Tech Solutions are the experts to take you out of the trouble. Support Inn Tech Solutions experts help you resolve all glitches, whether it's an error that keeps popping up or problems in updating programs. The technicians also customize the settings as per your requirements. Support Inn offers tech support for 500+ applications including operating systems, security programs, browsers, etc.